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New agency brings together promotional opportunities for Penrith

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres met withrepresentatives from the Penrith Business Alliance, Penrith City Council and the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce todayto discuss the co-operative marketing opportunities available to promote the Penrith Region in conjunction with Destination NSW.

\”The O’Farrell Government embarked on the establishment of Destination NSW to bring together all the existing promotional arms of government to work in a more co-ordinated, effective manner.\” Mr Ayres said today.

\”The Minister’s release of a new marketing prospectus provides organisations like the Penrith Business Alliance, Penrith City Council and local businesses with an interest in the visitor economy with a one-stop shop for opportunities to leverage off the NSW Government’s efforts to promote the state’s tourist economy.\”

Opportunities available to the PBA in the prospectus include

  • Free events promotion through
  • Financial support for major events
  • Promotional tourist signage
  • Access to stock photography of the highest quality
  • Opportunities to contribute to advertising campaigns within the domestic and international markets

\”With the ongoing beautification of the Nepean River, our close proximity to the mountains and the introduction of more major events to Penrith such as the World Rowing Championships, our region has more to offer in tourism attractionsthan ever before.

\”Through the establishment of Destination NSW, our Penrith Business Alliance is well positioned to work with investors, council and local businesses to put Penrith on a much larger stage.

\”The team at Penrith Business Alliance are committed to attracting new businesses into our region to create local jobs. Their staff are frequently in touch with myself, the mayor and senior government officials to ensure in a non-partisan way that our region has the tools we need to create local jobs. I strongly encourage them to work with Destination NSW to explore the opportunities available to promote Penrith as a visitor destination.\”


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