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Nepean River Green Bridge moves forward with Eastern Landing location released


Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres MP advises that a revised location of the eastern landing for the Nepean River Green Bridge was released today based on feedback from the local community.
Mr Ayres said the new alignment will run through the old Log Cabin property on Memorial Avenue at Penrith, with the landing to be redeveloped into a recreational precinct.

“The Nepean River Green Bridge aims to provide cyclists and pedestrians with a safe crossing over the Nepean River while offering minimal disruption to the historic rowing course,” Mr Ayres said.

“During consultation, the community raised concerns including the need for privacy of surrounding residences while also offering a safe and secure crossing. Moving the alignment closer to the Victoria Bridge was also raised by the community.”

Mr Ayres said the new eastern landing location at the old Log Cabin property offers greater distance from, and privacy for surrounding residences.

“Based on what the community has told us, we revisited the options available and have selected the old Log Cabin property,” Mr Ayres said.

“The area will be redeveloped to form a recreational precinct where members of the community will be able to enjoy the river and bridge.

“Roads and Maritime Services, Penrith City Council and the Nepean River Green Bridge Steering Committee have worked with the property owner to secure the revised alignment through a lease and acquisition.

“In the coming months, design updates will be progressed and a review of environmental factors prepared for further community feedback.”

Construction is expected to start in late 2014.

Feedback on the project can be sent to the project team via email to [email protected] or call 1800 822 486.

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