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Nepean Hospital

The NSW Liberals & Nationals are actively working to improve the quality of care provided at Nepean Hospital.

During the election we committed to providing an additional 25 nurses and 50 beds to address the hospital’s extensive waiting list and better service the local community. In this year’s budget alone another 26 beds have been provided.

We are also committed to investing in telehealth facilities, because not every patient is in a position to travel into our hospital. With $500,000 allocated from the 2011/12 Budget, it is expected that up to $2M will be allocated toward a telehealth pilot initiative based at Nepean Hospital over the next four years. It will connect patients to medical practitioners via the internet, an initiative which will no doubt generate benefits for the patient and the overall hbealth system.

As a growing hospital in a growing region, parking will always be a challenge for people needing to access our hospital. To this extent we have committed $10 million toward addressing what has become an urgent priority through the construction of a multi-level parking facility at Nepean Hospital.


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