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Nepean Hospital: are Labor’s performance figures too dismal to release?

Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres is concerned the Keneally Labor Government is deliberately withholding key monthly hospital performance reports for Nepean Hospital because the results will expose State Labor’s continued failure and incompetence in healthcare.

\”The continued lack of transparency in health reporting is symptomatic of Labor’s failure and incompetence,\” Mr Ayres said.

\”There has been no new Nepean Hospital performance statistics released since the March figures and it’s now September,\” he said.

\”According to the official March figures 40 per cent of patients in the Nepean Hospital emergency department took longer than the eight-hour benchmark to be admitted to a ward bed.

\”If these figures have remained static or have gotten worse, it’s no wonder the Keneally Government is running and hiding.

\”Unfortunately for the Penrith community, the March figures revealed Nepean Hospital had the longest hospital waiting list in NSW, with 3,009 patients waiting for surgery.

\”The public have a right to know how their local hospital is performing, especially over the traditionally busier winter months.

\”The Keneally Labor Government has been starving Nepean Hospital of resources and unfortunately the March performance figures reflected that neglect.

\”We need real change to deliver better patient care in Penrith, and that’s what the public voted for on the 19th of June.

\”The Keneally Labor Government’s failure to do anything more than simply talk about improvements shows it’s not fair dinkum about improving patient care.

\”The continued withholding of these important performance figures only reinforces the public’s belief the Keneally Labor Government is ashamed of its health failures,\” Mr Ayres said.


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