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Minister Offers Preview Of New Petrol Price Board Standard


Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres MP today joined Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts for a visit to the 7/11 Service Station in Kingswood, to inspect the petrol price boards and discuss the changes to petrol signage in NSW that come into effect from 1 September 2013.

Currently, NSW petrol station operators are required to display the price of regular unleaded petrol on price boards that are well lit and positioned so that motorists can easily see prices on approach, when the station is open.

Under the new standard adopted by the O’Farrell-Stoner Government, from 1 September 2013 all NSW petrol station price boards will have to display prices for the top two selling fuels for that particular service station, as well as the price for diesel and LPG. The top two selling fuels are the two types of fuel that sold the highest volumes in the immediately preceding six months.

“The price displayed is to be the price per litre available to all retail customers, that is, the normal price without any discounts or special offers,” Minister Roberts said.

“Service stations will still be able to display that discounts are available, but they cannot incorporate those discounts into the prices listed on the boards.”

“Petrol suppliers have been given 12 months from 1 September 2012 to implement the new standard, providing plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments.”

Mr Ayres said that the changes will be effective in increasing competition between retailers.

“For too long motorists across NSW have not been given enough information to be able to fully compare prices, understand discounts, and make the quick decision to proceed to purchase fuel,” he said.

“This change is about giving motorists more information and making it fairer at the pump.”

“By introducing a NSW standard, motorists are made aware of the prices on offer long before they pull up to the pump, handing them the power to pick and choose which retailer to use.”

Mr Ayres said that the changes show that NSW is again leading the way in delivering for motorists, and called on the Commonwealth Minister for Consumer Affairs, David Bradbury, to stop delaying and add his support for the standard to be introduced nationally.

“Labor has an abysmal  track record when it comes to empowering motorists.  Kevin Rudd’s much-hyped ‘Fuel Watch’ policy was an abject failure that let consumers down, and David Bradbury is still doing everything he can to avoid supporting this change.

“This is a common sense approach from a Liberals and Nationals Government that understands motorists’ issues and has a track record of delivering for the people of NSW and Penrith.”


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