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Mid Year Budget Outlook Shows Bradbury’s Hypocrisy

State Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said yesterday’s Federal Government 2012-13 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) exposes the hypocrisy of Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury when it comes to budget cuts, with over $900 million being ripped away from the NSW Budget.

“Mr Bradbury is quick to criticise the State Government when it chooses to live within its means but when Mr Bradbury’s poor economic management hurts the Federal budget the first thing he cuts is NSW funding,\” Mr Ayres said.

\”With almost half of our state budget being invested in health and education a $900 million cut is likely to impact on these critical state services.\”

\”It’s tough rebuilding NSW after what State Labor did but these cuts by Federal Labor are like fighting with one hand tied behind your back,\” Mr Ayres said.

\”The O’Farrell Government is taking the prudent path back to surplus to protect as many NSW jobs as possible. This is in complete contrast to Mr Bradbury who will stop at nothing to achieve a political surplus.\”

\”Mr Bradbury needs to come clean with how he is funding his big promises because at the moment it looks like it’s on the back of NSW state services.\”

\”Unlike Mr Bradbury and the Federal Government’s approach the O’Farrell Government is committed to living within our means and we will continue to make the necessary decisions to ensure a sustainable financial future for NSW,” Mr Ayres said.


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