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Major Upgrades to Local Roads and Infrastructure at North Penrith


UrbanGrowth NSW today announced the completion of a $1 million upgrade to the intersection of Castlereagh Road and Thornton Drive, North Penrith. 

The new intersection and completion of works along Combewood Avenue will give local commuters using the North Penrith commuter carpark much improved access to Penrith Station.

Mike Williams, Development Director UrbanGrowth NSW said the infrastructure upgrades provides greater access into and out of Thornton, the train station and future amenity at Station Plaza.

“The works have been fully funded by UrbanGrowth NSW as part of their delivery of the Thornton development.”

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith said“The NSW Government is committed to investment and growth in Western Sydney and Thornton is a prime example of this. We have a commitment to ensure that adequate local infrastructure is provided to support the local community community.

“The completion of this upgrade will allow easy access to the multi level commuter car park as well as the newly opened additional car spaces.”

Penrith Mayor Ross Fowler OAM said: “Council commends the State Government on its commitment to ensure new developments such as Thornton are supported by adequate local infrastructure.

“Thornton is a key part of Council’s vision for a revitalised city centre.  Thornton ticks all the boxes in providing the kind of connected living that Penrith needs. It is transit-oriented, close to a range of services and community facilities and is designed to encourage an active and interactive lifestyle.

Thornton and the North Penrith commuter carpark can be accessed via the following roads:   

·         Sydney Smith Drive via Coreen Avenue

·         Thornton Drive / Peachtree Road) via Castlereagh Road.

·         Combewood Avenue via Coreen Avenue.

The final stage of civil works is currently occurring at Thornton. 2015 will see continued strong levels of housing construction within the project. 

Mr Williams said the ongoing success of Thornton is a testament to the demand for high quality, well located housing in Penrith. 


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