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Maintenance work on Victoria bridge begins Sunday October 16

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today announced that maintenance works outlined in the O’Farrell Government’s 2011/12 Budget at Victoria Bridge will commence Sunday night at 1:00amOctober 16.
\”These works constitute a significant overhaul of the existing bridge, with $850,000 being spent by the NSW Government to on new road surfacing, replacement of expansion joints and waterproofing works to occur to the bridge deck.\” Mr Ayres said today.
\”Due to the scale of the works, the RTA advise that the bridgewill close between 10:00pm and 5:00am every night until the works are completed. Residents seeking to cross the Nepean River are encouraged to use the M4 overpass in the interim.
\”It is important to stress that these works are essential to the futureoperation of the bridge, that with the exception of October 16 the closure is during the night rather than daylight hours and that electronic signs will be displayed in the vicinity of the bridge updating motorists on any changes to the road network.
\”It is pleasing to note that while the government is looking into options regarding a second crossing that the existing bridge, which has a long history of service to the development of New South Wales is getting the attention it deserves.\”
The RTA anticipates that in the appropriate weather conditions, the work on the bridge will take approximately five weeks to complete.
Formore information please contact the RTA Transport Management Centre on 131700.


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