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M4/russell Street, Leonay Pinch Point Works Complete


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith welcomes the news that pinch point works at the M4 westbound off ramp and Russell Street intersection at Leonay are now complete.

Stuart Ayres said the NSW Government provided $2 million to the work as part of the $246 million pinch point program which improves existing bottlenecks on the road network to reduce delays for road users.

“The off ramp at Russell Street was identified as a critical pinch point for motorists with westbound vehicles using the off ramp to exit the M4 queue backing onto the motorway, blocking through lanes and increasing the risk of high speed crashes,” Stuart Ayres said.

Work started earlier in the year to install metered traffic lights at the southbound approach to the roundabout on Russell Street, a queue detector was also installed on the M4 off ramp to activate the traffic lights and allow a free flow of vehicles from the M4 off ramp through the roundabout and a new 90 metre left turn lane on the roundabout approach was also built.

“The Russell St exit is one the best examples of how Labor neglected Penrith. What Labor couldn’t do in 16 years we have delivered in one term of Government.”

Stuart Ayres said this is yet another reminder that this government is determined to improve the infrastructure, reduce delays, manage congestion and maintain travel times on Western Sydney’s main roads, particularly during week day peak periods.


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