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Labor’s Budget Lies On Erskine Park Link Road

Liberal Candidate for Penrith Stuart Ayres and Liberal Candidate for Mulgoa Tanya Davies today slammed the State Labor Government for misleading the public on the construction of the promised Erskine Park Link Road.

In May 2009 then Planning Minister, now Premier Kristina Keneally promised action on the Erskine Park Link Road at a Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce function.[1]

In August 2009 Kristina Keneally and then Premier Nathan Rees promised $80 million funding to deliver the Erskine Park Link Road, with construction to commence in late 2010.[2]

“This year’s state budget exposes Labor’s lies on the desperately needed Erskine Park Link Road with no construction funding, no total estimated cost and no expected completion date[3],” Mr Ayres said.

“In typical Labor fashion they promise the world, but deliver very little.

“Without a completion date the promised Erskine Park Link Road has been left languishing in Labor’s never-never land with a long list of promised infrastructure projects that have never been delivered.

“Given Labor’s appalling track record on infrastructure delivery and neglect of the Penrith area the business community and local residents have every right to be angry with Premier Kristina Keneally.

“With much fanfare Kristina Keneally promised $80 million funding for the Erskine Park Link Road and that construction would commence in late 2010. Now that promise has been exposed as a lie.

“We need the Erskine Park Link Road to open up employment lands which are vital for revitalising the Penrith economy.

“Yet again, Labor is failing to deliver for Penrith,” Mr Ayres said.

Mrs Davies said she is extremely disappointed Kristina Keneally and the local Labor Member has failed to deliver.

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[2] 13/8/2009, Penrith City Star, ‘Premier announces link road funding’.

14/8/2009, Penrith Press, ‘Funds for M7 link’.

[3] Budget Paper Number 4, Infrastructure Statement 2010-11, pg 4-48


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