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Families in Kingswood are set to benefit from a major upgrade at Kingwood Public School under a re-elected NSW Liberal and Nationals Government.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said this investment will deliver major improvements to this local school and support students and teachers.

“Because of the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government’s long-term economic plan, we are investing $8.6 billion in school infrastructure across NSW over the next four years,” Mr Perrottet said.

“We’re committed to delivering infrastructure upgrades to schools across NSW to ensure young people get the best possible start in life, and under a re-elected Liberal and Nationals Government, the Penrith community will benefit from these upgrades.

“Investments like this are only possible because of the Liberal and Nationals long-term economic plan to keep NSW moving forward.”

Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said the upgrade at Kingswood Public School will be a wonderful addition to the school and will deliver modern resources for students.

“Kingswood is a growing community and this school upgrade will help meet the needs of local families into the future,” Mr Ayres said.

“Because of the Liberal and Nationals long-term economic plan we can commit to an upgrade at Kingswood Public School to help meet the needs of this community.”

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said she was pleased to be able to make a commitment to young people and families in Kingswood with an upgrade for the local primary school.

“The Liberal and Nationals in government have a proven track record of delivering schools for growing communities,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Families know under Labor they risk going backwards, given Labor’s record of closing 90 schools when they were last in government. It’s only the Liberal and Nationals Government that will keep NSW and our young people moving forward.”

The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government is investing $8.6 billion in school infrastructure over the next four years, continuing its program to deliver 160 new and upgraded schools to support communities across NSW. This builds on the more than $9.1 billion invested in projects delivered since 2017, a program of $17.7 billion in public education infrastructure.

This latest commitment is another example of the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government’s nation-leading work to give our kids the best start in life:

  • A $15.9 billion Early Years Commitment, including delivering universal pre-Kindergarten for every child in the year before school and rolling out a full suite of health and development checks to NSW preschools.
  • By building modern schools that prepare students for success investing $8.6 billion for hundreds of new and upgraded schools over the next four years;
  • A once-in-a-generation back-to-basics school curriculum that puts literacy and numeracy first for all students
  • A $250 million tutoring program to support up to 120,000 students in 2023, bringing the total to $890 million invested in tutoring since 2021.
  • Making sure we have the best teachers in our classrooms by supporting our students with a guaranteed 6% pay rise for teachers over the next two years, and a $100 million commitment to pay excellent teachers salaries of up to $152,000.


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