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Keneally backflips after Liberal pressure

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today joined with Liberal candidate for Mulgoa Tanya Davies in a sceptical welcome of the Keneally Labor Government’s backdown on its plan to dump radioactive waste near Penrith.

”If the Keneally Labor Government has finally caved in and done the right thing on the Kemps Creek dump, it’s only because of pressure in Parliament, pressure from the Liberal candidate for Mulgoa Tanya Davies, and pressure from the community,” Mr Ayres said today.

”However, Kemps Creek is not safe until the waste is safely disposed of nowhere near the Penrith community. Premier Keneally has already been caught out deceiving the people of Western Sydney about the dump.

”Last week in Parliament I revealed Premier Keneally’s dishonesty, confronting her with the contract to dump the waste in Kemps Creek that she had claimed did not exist. I then moved a motion to debate the dump, but had it voted down by NSW Labor.”

”When they should have been standing up for their communities Labor Members in Parliament were trying to cover up for their party’s deception. It’s time for a change.

\”Liberal Candidate for Mulgoa Tanya Davies has been fighting against the dump from the beginning.

”It was only after a week and a half of anger from the Western Sydney community, and pressure in Parliament from the NSW Liberals and Nationals, that Keneally has realised what everyone else knew from the start.

\”Western Sydney needs more than this.

”Deception and trickery are not going to move this State forwards. The only way to get a government that listens to Western Sydney is to elect a NSW Liberals & Nationals Government at the next state election in March 2011.”


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