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Green Paper on Industry Policy Open for Consultation

The NSW Government is calling for public submissions to help shape industry policy to strengthen the state’s economic performance over the next decade.


Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade Stuart Ayres said the Securing Future

Innovation and Global Competitiveness in NSW – Green Paper is now open for submissions from the public.


“As our industries adopt new technologies and ways of working, we need to ensure we have fit-for-purpose policies in place to support them,” Mr Ayres said.


“There are currently 10 different industry strategies shaping the way we think about industry policy in NSW. We need a way to simply and clearly integrate these to best support businesses, while reflecting domestic and global trends we can forecast and effectively respond to.”


Responses to the public consultation will inform the release of the first White Paper on Industry Policy for NSW, which will shape interventions that will tackle key trends impacting NSW industries to ensure they flourish into the future.


“Policies that help foster economic growth will support jobs growth and long-term improvements in living standards across the state,” Mr Ayres added.


“By putting industry at the center of this consultation and working proactively with the community to develop the White Paper, we are putting NSW in an enviable position of transitioning all parts of the economy smoothly and efficiently.”


The Green Paper seeks feedback from peak bodies, research institutions and established and emerging industries such as defence and aerospace, agriculture, medical and life sciences and clean energy, as well as the public.


Following widespread consultation, a prominent independent expert will advise the NSW Government in drafting the White Paper on Industry Policy.


The Green Paper is open for community consultation until Monday 6 June 2022 at


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