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Glenbrook Guides benefit from Community Building Partnership

The Glenbrook Guide Hall will benefit from $7,346 to carry out work on the hall’s roof under the NSW Community Building Partnerships Program.

Mr Ayres met with representatives of Guides Australia at the hall today to congratulate them on their successful application.

\”The Glenbrook Guides Hall is an important community hub not only for the local guide group but also the variety of community organisations that use the hall as a meeting place when the guides don’t meet.

\”A secure roof for this hall will keep it operational to the groups who need it and prevents maintenance costs from escalating as a result of not addressing a relatively minor issue.

\”Community Building Partnerships have provided excellent funding opportunity for small projects that maintain and enhance the infrastructure that support the quality of life we enjoy in Penrith and the lower mountains.

\”As the local member I have found the program helpful in building links with local organisations and helping to shape investment priorities in the local area.

\”In Penrith we received approximately $1.2million in applications for a $300,000 allocation to the electorate. This money has been distributed to a number of worthy causes and I look forward to working with the bulk of applicants who sought funding to secure their organisational goals in the future.\”


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