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Frnsw Partners with Rsls to Keep Patrons Fire-safe


Police and Emergency Services Minister Stuart Ayres, Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Commissioner Greg Mullins and RSL and Services Clubs Association of NSW Chairman Bryn Miller have today announced a new partnership aimed at improving home fire safety among club members and patrons across NSW.

Minister Ayres, who launched the new partnership agreement in his electorate at the Penrith RSL Club, said one of FRNSW’s objectives was to work closely with local communities to reduce the prevalence and impact of fires and other emergencies.

“FRNSW’s latest research indicates older people, blue-collar families and single-parent families, many of whom frequent RSL and other services clubs, are at greatest risk from accidental fires in the home,” Minister Ayres said.

“This new partnership will help FRNSW reach these vulnerable members of the community and engage them on fire safety through the promotion of fire safety campaigns and targeted fire safety education programs for club and sub-branch members.”

Minister Ayres said 16 per cent of all home fires FRNSW responded to over a six-year period occurred in the Penrith local government area.

“Four of the top-10 at-risk groups identified by FRNSW frequent RSLs and services clubs and make up 34 per cent of all households in the Penrith City area,” he said.

“This new partnership will see FRNSW continue to work closely with clubs like the Penrith RSL to help prevent home fires and educate residents on what to do should a fire occur in their home,” Minister Ayres said.

Commissioner Mullins said FRNSW had been working closely with the RSL and Services Clubs Association of NSW over the past two years to promote community fire safety campaigns and programs.

“RSL and services clubs are the perfect vehicle for FRNSW to reach vulnerable members of the community and prevent them from becoming fire victims,” he said.

“Through this new, formalised partnership, we will be able to promote community fire safety campaigns and programs to club members and patrons in target areas and provide advice about working smoke alarms and practised evacuation plans.”

RSL and Services Clubs Association of NSW Chairman Bryn Miller welcomed the partnership.

“RSL and services clubs are strongly focused on the needs of our local communities. We understand our role and responsibility to provide information, assistance and advice to our members and patrons to improve their lives and safety. Partnering with Fire & Rescue NSW to improve fire safety at home will become a core function of our clubs.”




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