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First Meeting Of Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce Sets Deadline

The Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce has held its first meeting as it works on finding a real solution to pedestrian and cycle access across the bridge and is demanding construction start in the first year of a new government.

Liberal candidate for Penrith, Stuart Ayres, announced prior to the calling of the by-election, that he would be establishing the Taskforce and that its first meeting would be held on 3rd June.

“I am pleased to report that we have met that commitment. It shows that we are focused on finding a solution and won’t be distracted from that task, even with the by-election campaign underway.”

The meeting resolved to:

  1. Call on the Government and Opposition to fully fund a feasibility study into the Victoria Bridge to explore previous projects and future options including
    1. Cantilever on the northern side
    2. Cantilever on the southern side
    3. Pathway across the middle of the bridge
    4. New stand alone bridge
  1. Call on the Government and Opposition to commit to fund a new bridge structure at Victoria Bridge.
  1. Call on the Government and Opposition to commit to a timeframe for completion of the Victoria Bridge with work to commence in the first twelve months of the new Government and completed by December 31 2013.

The Taskforce is writing to the Premier, Opposition Leader, Member for Lindsay David Bradbury, Roads Minister David Borger and Penrith Mayor Kevin Cameri requesting they commit to that timetable.

“I believe we are seeing a positive change with the Taskforce determined to achieve an outcome with work to commence in the first year of the new Government and a completion date set, as opposed to another promise not delivered from Labor,” said Mr Ayres.

“Unfortunately, despite Premier Keneally’s publicity about including Victoria Bridge in new cycle path plans, the detail shows that all Labor is offering is another investigation which could take another five years.”

“We need better than that and the Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce is committed to making sure the bridge is fixed by the end of 2013,” said Mr Ayres.


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