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Fast-tracked approvals a win for families

Penrith City Council has been selected for an expansion of the Electronic Housing Code, which when operational will allow families to get their dream home approved in a few days, State MP for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.

My Ayres said the NSW Government’s Electronic Housing Code (EHC) initiative would be expanded to a further 11 councils, including Penrith City Council.

In the ten council areas where the EHC is currently operating, residents can get online house approvals in less than a week. This compares to the average 63 day processing time if the EHC isn’t used and the applicant has to rely on the development application process.

“I am pleased that Penrith council applied to be part of the EHC initiative and that it will now work with the NSW Government to implement an online approval system,” Mr Ayres said.

Mr Ayres said that once the online approval system is in place this year or next, people in the Penrith electorate will be able to get their dream home approved at a mouse click and in just a matter of days.

“It’s part of our ongoing commitment to turn around the State’s severe housing shortfall left by the former government for the Coalition government to address,” he said.

Mr Ayres said the initiative will also create far greater certainty and efficiency for the home building industry, which often submits new home proposals on behalf of their clients.

Mr Ayres said the additional councils were selected by an independent selection panel following a formal expression of interest process.

The EHC is already in place in ten council areas across NSW. An expression of interest will be issued later this year to support a third expansion of the EHC.


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