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Environment Minister Visits Red Hands Cave


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith joined Environment Minister, Mark Speakman for a site visit to Red Hands Cave at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains National Park.

In 2015, Red Hands Cave was declared as an Aboriginal Place by the NSW Government in recognition of its cultural, social and historic significance of the site to the Aboriginal community.

Stuart Ayres said the 45 hand markings, both left and right hands, and some children’s hand markings showcase some of the best Aboriginal rock art in the area.

The 12 metre-high Red Hands Cave was named in recognition of the red, orange and white stencils of aboriginal people’s hands which decorate the cave.  Artists would chew a mixture of ochre and water and then blow it over a hand resting on the wall forming a stencil.

Mr Speakman said the declaration of Red Hands Cave as an Aboriginal Place reaffirmed that the NSW Government is committed to the recognition and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage. 


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