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Emu Plains Train Stabling Yard

This development is the subject of significant concern in the Emu Plains community. At a Saturday morning community consultation I attended late last year addressed by Novorail there was already heavy machinery at work on the proposed site happening that day.

Local residents have raised a petition to protest NSW Labor’s arrogance in imposing this yard on them without proper consultation, and while they fight at a local level I’ve been in Parliament taking the battle up to the Labor Minister in speeches and questions. Why is it considered acceptable that even with a sound barrier and ban on horns sounding in the stabling yard, the maximum continuous sound level is going to be breached for some residents? Why is the stabling yard even being considered for Emu Plains when there is an operational yard in Penrith, with potential for expansion. The Labor Government must come clean with it’s long term plan for the Penrith stabling yard. If Waratah trains are replacing old carriages, why will they need to be stabled at Emu Plains?

If this issue is importantto you, I urge you to sign the local petition, and I will keep fighting to stop the Labor government rushing through this development without appropriate community engagement.


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Stuart Ayres - Member for Penrith

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