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Don’t dump your toxic waste on us!

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres has condemned the Keneally Labor Government for concealing their plans to transfer toxic waste from Hunter’s Hill on the North Shore to Kemps Creek.

Mr Ayres yesterday lodged a motion to be accorded priority in the NSW Parliament to have the matter discussed but after endless interjections Labor MPs voted the motion down.

\”I want to make it clear that I am one hundred percent behind Tanya Davies and her efforts to put an end to the Keneally Labor Government’s agreement to dump hazardous radioactive materials at Kemps Creek.\” Mr Ayres said today.

\”The Keneally Labor Government may not want to hear this matter in the parliament, but Tanya Davies and I will certainly make sure they hear the message out in the community – Ms Keneally, don’t dump your toxic waste on us.

\”Tanya and the NSW Liberals & Nationals parliamentary team have successfully exposed the government’s plans for what they are. Were it not for the efforts we made with FOI requests and demands for explanation[1], the Keneally Labor Government would still be up to their old tricks of doing whatever they like without seeking community consultation.

\”The material in question is falls undisputedly within the criteria set out in the NSW Radiation Control Act (activity over 100 Becquerels per gram). Sinclair Night Merz’s report to the Health Department in 1987 identified 37 samples from 25 test sites where radiation exceeded the 100 Bq/g limit – with one site being more than seven times the limit.

\”The government is seeking to downplay the hazardous nature of this waste because there are no landfills in NSW licensed to accept hazardous waste – but changing the label on the barrel from hazardous to ‘industrial waste’ won’t change what’s on the inside.

\”The Kemps Creek facility clearly demonstrates the differences between the Keneally Labor Government and the work of Tanya Davies and I. We will fight to get issues like these out into broad daylight while the Keneally Labor Government try to avoid debating the issue in parliament.

\”The only way to stop the same old cases of deception, trickery and incompetence from the Keneally Labor Government is to change the government.\”


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