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This is an issue very close to my heart. I said in my first speech in
Parliament that if local business is the backbone of the community, then
carers are its heart.

Together with the great team at the Penrith Disabilities Resource Centre
I’ve campaigned for more accessible facilities, like the Penrith Court
House, which had only a single courtroom with wheelchair access.

I’ve hosted a Disabilities Forum in Penrith, bringing together the Federal
and State Shadow Ministers for Disabilities in order to meet those locals at
the coal face of the sector, every day waking up to the challenge of living
with disability.

I’ve talked in Parliament about this forum, and about carers and their
challenges. About how the Penrith community pulls together around their
neighbours and families, and I welcomed the NSW Liberals and Nationals
discussion paper last year.

I have also had the privilege to announce that a NSW Liberals & Nationals government would fund an additional advocate position at the Penrith Disabilities Resource Centre. This is a commitment which will bring about real change, every day, for people living with disability in the Penrith region.

The issue of people living with disability is a litmus test for the
community – and in Penrith, we’re progressing well,but all that means is there is much more to be done and I’m not going to stop campaigning for more
resources, more funding, and better service delivery.


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