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Creative Funding to Support ‘shattered’

D Keenahan production image - Credit for production shot - Brianna Roberts

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith today announced the ‘Shattered’ – Little Big Woman Smashing Expectations project by Penrith local Dr Debra Keenahan will receive $36,210 in funding through Round 2 of the NSW Government’s Arts and Cultural Funding Program.

This project is one of 74 recipients sharing in over $2.7 million as part of the second round of Create NSW’s Arts and Cultural Funding Program across Project, Annual Organisation and Creative Koori categories, on behalf of the NSW Government.

‘Shattered’ is a video installation representing the lived experience of a woman with dwarfism. Presenting her physicality and resilience to retain dignity whilst navigating a world of provocations, this work uses metaphor and monologue with soundscape, to capture the exertion and psychological strategies for this woman to survive and thrive.

“I’m delighted to see ‘Shattered’ supported by the NSW Government, which I know is one of many projects reflecting the rich diversity of the State and contributing to the development of a vibrant and accessible arts and cultural sector,’ said Stuart Ayres.

Dr Keenahan said “The arts are an important part of any society because they provide a constructive avenue by which we can engage with a diversity of subjects and people. 

“I am very thankful to Create NSW for supporting ‘Shattered’ which aims to encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of physical difference in a manner that I hope the viewing public will find innovative, enjoyable and thought provoking.”

Stuart Ayres added, “This funding is critical now more than ever during these challenging times, as we work to support and develop our local arts and cultural professionals and rebuild the sector. I look forward to seeing Dr Keenahans’s project come to life.”

The Arts and Cultural Funding Program provides funding opportunities for small to medium arts and cultural organisations, professional artists and arts and cultural workers across a wide range of art forms and disciplines, through two open rounds for the Project, Annual Organisation and Creative Koori Projects categories.

A full list of Round Two recipients is available at

For further information about arts and cultural funding, including the NSW Government’s $50 million Rescue and Restart package and additional $6.34 million support for arts and cultural organisations impacted by COVID-19, visit


Photo credit: Brianna Roberts



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