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My first action as the then Liberal candidate for Penrith last year was to call Andrew Stoner MP, the Coalition Shadow Minister for Roads and talk with him about safety issues on Victoria Bridge.

The Bridge has been unsafe for years. I established a Victoria Bridge Taskforce to bring together local expertise on the issue and try to help identify a solution. I have spoken about the bridge in Parliament, and I’m proud to say that I managed to get a feasibility study undertaken by the government, although like everything else that NSW Labor tries to do it came in a month late, at the end of November.

Since then the Taskforce has looked at the feasibility study and written further to the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition Barry O’Farrell, to the Minister and to the Shadow Minister for Roads Andrew Stoner MP.

I am determined to pursue this issue and welcome your feedback and experience on the Bridge, particularly if you are a cyclist, runner or walker who tries to use the limited pedestrian space.

I am proud that the NSW Liberals & Nationals have announced $20 million towards fixing Victoria Bridge. Read more about our commitment here.


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