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Many of you know the state that Nepean Hospital is in. This is not the fault of the medical staff, who are professional, hard working, and dedicated to the well-being of the community using the hospital.

The problem is 16 years of neglect and under-resourcing by the NSW Labor government, and their countless Health Ministers and Premiers in that time.

In the last few months I am proud to have finallypersuaded the Labor Government to give nurses full time positions they deserve, when some of them had been in \”acting\” positions for years.

The latest data on Hospital Emergency Departments was released in September 2010. It showed that nearly 40% of patients who presented at the Nepean Hospital’s Emergency Department were not seen within the time required as a target by this government itself. Other data released at the same time showed that 54% of patients had not been admitted to hospital within 8hrs of the beginning of active treatment – because there were no beds.

Unfortunately, we are not going to fix Nepean Hospital until we fix the entire system, a system left decrepit and groaning through NSW Labor’s inaction.

As part of our plan to fix theState’s health system, Barry O’Farrell and Shadow Minister forHealthJillian Skinner have announced that a NSW Liberals & Nationals government would employ an additional 2,475 nurses and open 1,390 more beds. This is the sort of action that is needed if residents of this great State are going to get the health system they deserve.

I have also heard the loud cries from the public about the lack of carparking facilities at Nepean Hospital and will be working very hard to find a solution to this community problem.

For more information, see the NSW Liberals and Nationals health policy, and our commitment of $10 million towards parking at Nepean Hospital


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