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Community Garden for Thornton


Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith joined members of the Thornton Community Group Inc to announce a $3,000 grant to go towards the newly established Thornton Community Garden.

Stuart Ayres said “With over 80 people initially expressing interest in participating in the community garden project, it’s terrific to see it now becoming a reality.”

“Community gardens provide a great place to meet other residents of the community and get involved in the local area.”

Mr Marzi DeSanti, Thornton community garden coordinator said “This garden offers a way to connect, forge new friendships, grow, share and be healthier.”

“The aim of the Thornton Community Garden project is primarily around community building, inclusion, education and sharing. My Ayres’ assistance with funding and expediting approvals is greatly appreciated”

Penrith’s first publicly accessible community garden will offer opportunities for the community to:

•           Acquire organic gardening skills and practical means of looking after the environment.

•           Families and school children growing fresh, nutritious produce to feed themselves.

•           Building in sustainability by selling excess produce to our local cafes and the Social Enterprise café in our Estate, with all funds returned to the community garden.

•           Creating a beautiful, communal learning space where everyone is welcomed, coming together to socialise, share knowledge and skills (eg: composting and wormeries, waste minimisation, water harvesting, sustainable living practices, etc). It will be a place of healing and community spirit.

•           Creation of a garden space reflecting the cultural diversity of our local residents, where unusual or hard to find plants could be grown and where multicultural methods of gardening and land care are shared and trialled.

“What’s particularly pleasing to see is that this garden offers inclusivity – families, people with a disability, singles and children are all welcome,” added Stuart Ayres.



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