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Community Building Partnership Grant for Penrith Community Men’s Shed


Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres MP and Minister for Mental Health Jai Rowell today joined Chairman of Penrith Community Men’s Shed, Merv Adlington to announce a grant of $12,846 under the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program.

The grant will further the work of Penrith Community Men’s Shed (PCMS) in providing a much needed safe location where men of all ages can come and meet together, undertake a project, learn a new skill or find support among friends.

Mr Ayres said he was proud of the work of the PCMS, saying it provided a vital social and creative outlet for local men, which played a positive role in supporting the mental wellbeing of all those involved.

“Men’s Sheds provide a perfect outlet for men from all walks of life to socialise and keep engaged with their community,” Mr Ayres said.

Mr Rowell said PCMS, like other Men’s Sheds throughout NSW, PCMS was performing an important role in serving as a community focal point for men at risk of social isolation.

“As I travel around the state visiting Men’s Sheds I am constantly impressed at the extraordinary role they play in bringing men together to talk about any problems they may be facing and avoid the pitfalls of depression and social isolation,” Mr Rowell said.

“We know that blokes often find it tougher to open up and speak about the difficulties that they face in dealing with depression, but Men’s Sheds have proven to be a really successful way of bringing men together to talk about these issues.”

The funds were welcomed by Mr Adlington, who said they would enable PCMS to continue to support the growing number of local men seeking to become involved.

“Our numbers are growing weekly so this grant will enable us to purchase additional equipment to ensure that all the men have an opportunity to do projects and learn new skills as well as finish fitting out the shed.  The funds will also assist us in being able to do a wider range of community based projects.”

“Whether it be repairing a table, doing up a bike for someone who doesn’t have one or doing a project with a group of disadvantaged people we will have the correct tools and materials.”



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