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Cheaper train fares for Penrith and lower mountains residents

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres has welcomed the decisive action by the NSW Government in slashing train fares for commuters in the Penrith electorate.

From 1 July 2011, rail fares for regular commuters will be slashed by nine per cent – saving some commuters up to $224 a year.

“This is great news Penrith commuters who travel regularly on our rail network. It demonstrates that the O’Farrell Government is serious about addressing cost of living pressures for people living in Penrith.” Mr Ayres said.

“Under the new fare cuts structure, commuters travelling from Glenbrook or Lapstone to Wynyard will save $20 when they buy a monthly ticket, and $224 when they buy a yearly ticket,” he said.

\”Commuters travelling from Emu Plains, Penrith or Kingswood to Wynyard will save $17 on every monthly ticket, and $188 for a yearly ticket.”

“The government’s action in reducing train fares will make travel more affordable for Penrith commuters helps to ease some of the pressure on family budgets.

“Wherever I go in Penrith, I am told the most important issue families face is the rising cost of living – I hope this cut helps put dollars back in their pockets.

“I want to take this opportunity to encourage all of our train commuters who buy their tickets daily or weekly, to consider buying a monthly, quarterly or yearly ticket to make the most of these great savings.

\”You’ll save money and spend less time in those lengthy morning queues.

“By making regular fares cheaper, we’re encouraging people out of the M4 parking lot and onto public transport, to leave their cars at home.

“We want public transport to be people’s first choice and these price cuts will make regular rail travel more appealing for regular commuters.

“Commuters who purchase MyMulti tickets – which cover travel across trains, buses and ferries – will also save under the new pricing deal.

“MyMulti ticket users will save $9 on a monthly ticket, $25 on a quarterly ticket, and $100 on a yearly ticket.

“Cheaper fares and shorter queues will provide not only a financial incentive for commuters who travel from Penrith, Kingswood, Emu Plains, Lapstone and Glenbrook stations, but make train travel quicker and easier,” Mr Ayres said.


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