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Cathy Craig receives NSW Women of the Year Award for Penrith

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres today visited the Penrith Community Kitchen to present kitchen organiser Cathy Craig with the NSW Women of the Year Award for Penrith.
Mrs Craig, who received the Order of Australia Medal earlier this year, was invitedby Mr Ayresto attend Parliament to have the Minister present the award but in true Cathy Craig fashion she turned the invitation down to maintain her existing commitments to the volunteers at the community kitchen.
\”Cathy Craig has supported some of Penrith’s most vulnerable people for two decades.\” Mr Ayres said.
\”Usingthe limited pool of resources available to the Penrith Community Kitchen, she has met the challenge of providing 200,000 meals to the people of Penrith.
\”It’s not an easy task to come into an organisation like the Penrith Community Kitchen on a daily basis and work with people in our community who are under stresses from multiple sources.
\”The work done by Cathy Craig over the years has helped to lift the burdens of many of these people and reconnect them with a group ofdedicated individual volunteerswho care about their individual welfare.
\”When it comes to helping people who are struggling to make ends meet, the impersonal nature of government can only do so much. It is Cathy Craig and her team of dedicated volunteers who put the human face on the community, who put aside time they could spend elsewhere to talk to them, find out their struggles and do what they can to help.
\”I congratulate Cathy on her dedication to the people of Penrith and this award is an expression of theappreciation the people of New South Wales have for everything she does.\”


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