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Carbon tax to drive up costs of running NSW

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayreshas expressed concerns regarding the federal government’s introduction of a carbon tax on the cost of providing services to people living in New South Wales.

According to Treasury modelling NSW will be the second worst affected state from a carbon tax – with NSW Gross State Product falling by more than the national average.

\”This taxwill drive up the cost of providing electricity, it will strip the much-needed revenues we receive through state-owned power generators and it will place cost-of-living pressure on families living in Penrith.\” Mr Ayres said today.

\”As a state government, we’re particularly vulnerable because in NSW the government still owns some of Australia’s largest power generators – this federal government’s tax hike on our generators will put upward pressure on household power bills.

\”Despite the price of electricity for households and businesses increasing – it is likely to reduce electricity dividends to Government – that means less funds for frontline services and infrastructure for the people of NSW.

\”It is one thing for the Prime Minister to promise the people of Penrith that we’ll all be compensated through the tax system, but despite what we’re hearing about compensation out of Canberra a tax that kills jobs will inevitable have negative consequences for out region.

\”At a time when local familiesare seeingmore of their paychecks consumed by day-to-day living expenses the governmentshould be investigating new ways to makedrives these costs down, not up.

\”I strongly urge the Labor Federal Government tonot to proceed with thistax. The government has requested a full review of the Gillard Government’s carbon tax package to properly determine the full impact of the carbon tax.

\”Wewill not sit by and watch Julia Gillard, John Robertson and Laborget behinda new tax which will make life harder for families, pensioners and small businesses.\”


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Stuart Ayres - Member for Penrith

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