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Bradbury Misleading Cranebrook Residents on Upgrade of The Northern Road

Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay today said it was disappointing Federal Member for Lindsay David Bradbury was using the upgrade of the Northern Road at Cranebrook to try to gain political \”brownie points\”.

\”Far from raising this issue above politics for the people of Cranebrook, I am disappointed that Mr Bradbury has engaged in a dishonest attack – when it is clear he has been well briefed in good faith on the status of this project,\” Mr Gay said.

Here are the facts:

The Northern Road between Andrews Road and Borrowdale Way is being upgraded by Lend Lease as part of its agreement with the NSW Government to increase capacity on roads around new housing areas the company is developing.

The initial Review of Environmental factors identified heritage and indigenous archaeological issues which initially delayed the project by about six months.

An amended review of environmental factors was not submitted to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) until May 2012 with the project determined on 31 July 2012.

Mr Bradbury is of course well aware of this. He neglects to mention he was updated at least twice during this time about the project, the identification of environmental issues which would require further investigation and the need for community input to the project.

He also neglects to mention the federal contribution to the project, a not insignificant $5.15 millionwas deferred to the 2013/14 financial year.

And he forgets to mention the developer has applied to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure to change the deed of variation.

This relates to its contributions in the State Development Agreement and ties the completion of stage one of the road upgrade to the sale of the fifteen hundredth residential allotment within Jordan Springs – which is expected to occur around December 2014.

For the record – Lend Lease has advised tenders for stage one are expected to be called in early April and stage one work is expected to start by July this year.

Stage one work will include the installation of traffic lights at The Northern Road and Sherringham Road intersection.

\”The assertion the NSW Government has held back from delivering this project, is simply false.

\”It is always preferable when a project goes to plan but it is far more important community and environmental concerns are resolved before a shovel ever goes in the ground.

\”A man as careless as he is with the truth does not deserve to be re-elected,\” Mr Gay said.


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