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Ayres welcomes Waratah bonds to support major infrastructure works

Local families will be able to invest their savings directly into the construction on public infrastructure in New South Wales after the O’Farrell Government following the launch of Waratah Bonds, Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres said today.
\”For too long our state has suffered from a chronic under-investment in infrastructure to support our population growth.\” Mr Ayres said.
\”The launch of the Waratah bonds program is an example of an innovative approach to state finances that has been missing over the past 16 years. It provides mums and dads with a safe, long-term, low-risk investment opportunity.
\”This represents the delivery of our election commitment to find new ways to finance new infrastructure, and Waratah Bonds may wind up providing the essential upgrades to the infrastructure we need to grow our region.\”
The money raised from the issuing of Waratah Bonds will be deposited into the Restart NSW Fund and put towards projects such as:
  • public transport infrastructure;
  • roads infrastructure to address urban congestion, black spots and missing links;
  • economic infrastructure to address the economic competitiveness of NSW, including freight, inter-modal facilities and water;
  • hospitals and health infrastructure; and
  • improvements to workplaces for frontline workers including law and justice officers, teachers, and nurses.
\”There are so many high demand projects throughout NSW, and a number of them have a significant on Penrith residents, such as the M4 East, Jane Street extension, and upgraded rail lineswhich could benefit from this program.\” Mr Ayres said.
\”If you’re a Australian resident, and you want to see your savings invested in a manner which builds the capacity of our state, then I encourage you consider this option.\”
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