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Ayres welcomes petition for hospital parking

Liberal Member for Penrith Stuart Ayres has congratulated Peter Mason and the staff, volunteers and patients at Nepean Hospital on their launch of the petition to commence construction of a multi-deck parking facility at the campus.
\”The launch of the carpark petition is one of those positive outcomes from the community cabinet the Premier held in September.\” Mr Ayres said.
\”After a brief discussion with Mr Mason about the hospital’s parking situation, I suggested we take advantage of the government’s legislative changes to petitions which allowpetitioners who collect the support of more than 500 people to receive a ministerial response andpetitions of more than 10,000 to be debated in Parliament.
\”The NSW Liberals & Nationals have a clear understanding ofthe need to address the parking shortfall at Nepean Hospital. That’s why we made the first commitment in more than twenty years to building a multi-deck parking facility.

\”I hope we can get much more than the 10,000 required to bring this issue out onto the floor of the parliament. Nepean is one of the busiest hospitals in New South Wales and I am keen to take all possible steps to draw attention to the challenges we face to my colleagues across the state.
\”The Penrith Electorate Office Team are providing support to the hospital community to ensure the petition meets parliamentary requirements and we’re making the petition available at the Penrith electorate Office.\”


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