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Ayres takes action on free Penrith shuttle

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith, has taken action on the Penrith Shuttle Bus by calling on the O’Farrell NSW Coalition Government to review the current bus route.

\”I have already spoken with the Gladys Berejiklian, Minister for Transport, and asked for a review of the bus route in light of concerns raised to me by interested stakeholders within the Penrith community.

\”While the free shuttle bus service was welcomed in March, it became very clear that the current route was conceived without proper consultation with the wider community,\” Stuart Ayres said.

\”Over the last fortnight I have met with representatives from Penrith City Council who have advised me that they have a number of alternative routes on the drawing board following an independent comprehensive feasibility study.

\”The business community in Penrith deserve an efficient shuttle bus which alleviates pressure from the short supply of parking in Penrith, and moves people to where they need to go.

\”I am determined to improve transport options for the local community.

\”I look forward to ongoing discussions with all the stakeholders to get this service making a positive contribution to Penrith. It is one of the first steps I am committed to fixing as part of our commitment to make NSW number one again,\” Stuart Ayres said.


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Stuart Ayres - Member for Penrith

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