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Ayres, Bassett and Hazzard: Hands off our homes!

NSW Shadow Minister for Planning Brad Hazzard, Member for Penrith, Stuart Ayres and Liberal candidate for Londonderry, Bart Bassett have sent a clear and loud message to the Keneally Labor Government: leave our homes alone.
“Earlier this year Premier Keneally said there was a plan to seize people’s homes and re-sell them to developers for a profit,” Shadow Minister for Planning, Brad Hazzard, said today.
“This means no-one’s home is safe and every single home owner in western Sydney could find themselves without a roof over their head under Labor’s proposal.
“In March, Premier Keneally said, ‘Compulsory acquisition might be part of the future.’1
Member for Penrith, Stuart Ayres said every resident should be concerned about Labor’s plans to knock down homes and build high-rises.
“That is why the NSW Liberals & Nationals launched the ‘Hands Off Our Homes’ website to allow all local residents to register their opposition to Labor’s plans,\” Mr Ayres said.
\”When State Labor’s compulsory acquisition laws come into Parliament, the NSW Liberals & Nationals will vote against them,\” Mr Ayres said.
Liberal candidate for Londonderry, Bart Bassett said, “The petition at sends a clear message to the Keneally Labor Government – our homes are not to be sold to developers for a profit.
“Only the NSW Liberals & Nationals are committed to returning planning powers to local communities to ensure they have a say about the future of their neighbourhoods,\” Mr Bassett said.
“Every person’s home is their castle and State Labor have no right to knock on their door and take over the home,\” Mr Hazzard said.
People from western Sydney wishing to sign the petition can log on to


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