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Ayres Announces Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce

Liberal Candidate for Penrith Stuart Ayres today announced that he would be forming a Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce to work with all local stakeholder groups to develop a practical plan to improve the bridge’s safety, whilst maintaining its heritage value.

“The safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who use Victoria Bridge is paramount, which is why I am forming a taskforce to deliver a solution which balances the need for safety upgrades with the need to protect the bridge’s heritage value,” Mr Ayres said.

“This weekend I brought NSW Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Western Sydney Barry O’Farrell out to Penrith so that I could show him Victoria Bridge and explain why there is a need to address the issue,” he said.

“Mr O’Farrell agreed there is a need to come up with a practical plan which balances safety upgrades with heritage protection, which is why he is supporting the formation of a Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce.

“I am calling for expressions of interest from all interested parties and am particularly keen to ensure there is representation from local cycling and walking groups, the local heritage society, road safety experts, the trucking industry and local motorists.

“With a wide variety of representatives on the Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce we will be able to develop the best plan, which addresses everyone’s concerns.

“I don’t care about the political persuasion of taskforce members, I just want to bring together a group of people who share my commitment to get things done.

“Expressions of interest can be sent to [email protected] and close on Friday 14th May.

“I will be announcing the composition of the taskforce by 24th May and we will hold our first meeting on 3rd June.

“After years of inaction from the State Labor Government it is time for a practical plan to be developed and delivered, which is what this Victoria Bridge Community Taskforce will be all about.”


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