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2015 Budget Contiunes to Deliver for Penrith


The release of the 2015-16 New South Wales budget sees the government continue to deliver for the people of Penrith with further investment in first-class services and infrastructure which will improve the lives of their community.

·         Almost $17.3 million for social and accessible housing in Penrith, Cranebrook and Kingswood

·         More than $1.5 million to GREAT Community Transport to provide services to assist the frail, young people with disabilities and their carers

·         $14.4 million to commence major construction of the Nepean Green River Bridge

·         $2.5 million to commence planning for the upgrade of the Ross St and Great Western Highway intersection at Glenbrook

·         $2.9 million to continue planning for the future upgrade of Mulgoa Rd, including the Jane St intersection

·         $275,000 to complete the planning and scoping study for intersections on The Northern Rd between the M4 and Great Western Highway and on Erskine Park Rd between Mamre Rd and the M4

·         More than $2.5 million for slope repairs on the M4 at Lapstone and Glenbrook          

·         $1.8 million to continue planning for a new Smart Motorway system for the M4

·         $1 million to extend the right-hand turn bays on Parker St into Derby St

·         $365,000 to construct a shared user path from High St, Penrith to St Marys

·         $160,000 to upgrade the intersection at Gascoigne St and Phillip St, Kingswood

·         $8 million towards the construction of the Western Sydney Sport and Community Centre at Panthers

·         $10 million towards the construction of the Western Sydney Aboriginal Centre of Excellence

·         Funding for a multi-storey carpark at Penrith Station and a new ambulance ‘superstation’  

·         $7.3 million towards the early rollout of the NDIS, covering the local Family and Community Services Nepean Blue Mountains District

“Over Labor’s last four budgets, the State only funded an average of $6.2 billion a year on infrastructure and had very little to show for it.” said Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith. 

“In this Budget the State will fund an average of $10.3 billion a year on infrastructure over the forward estimates, with state infrastructure spending in NSW over four years a record $68.6 billion, including major health, transport and schools projects.

“We are also delivering record services, whether it is in health, education, transport or family or community services, and each of these key areas has seen growth in their budgets from last year of more than 5 per cent.” Mr Ayres said.

“This investment is only possible due to four years of fiscal discipline by this government.

“It’s also important to note that none of these commitments have been funded from the lease of the ‘poles and wires’, which will bring an additional $20 billion in infrastructure spending.

“Make no mistake, the best is yet to come.” concluded Mr Ayres.   


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