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2013 Seniors Week Community Service Awards

Member for Penrith Mr Stuart Ayres congratulated and presented Olive Wright with a Community Service Award today as part of the 2013 Seniors Week.

\”I am pleased to present this award to Olive for the work she does caring for her those less able. Olive has been voluntarily caring for others at Edinglassie Village in Emu Plains for over 20 years”, Mr Ayres said.

\”Olives commitment and compassion as a volunteer are to be commended, she is a lovely lady and is most deserving of this award.\” Mr Ayres said.

Olive resides in the self-care facility at Edinglassie and spends most days at the nursing home assisting at meal times, taking the elderly on garden walks or just chatting to the residents to make their days more pleasing. She has made many wonderful friendships over the years.

Two other Penrith residents also received Community Service Awards.

Dennis McAdam coordinated residents of his Housing NSW complex to have a community garden built. The garden has helped to improve the wellbeing of residents by growing their own produce and being active and social.

Janet Aulsebrook has donated her time for the past 15 years at a toy library and is always willing to offer her time for other voluntary and social events.

\”The dedication this requires is remarkable and I congratulate and thank all volunteers for the important work they continue to do on a daily basis within our community.\” Mr Ayres said.


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