Electorate Services

A Member of Parliament’s (MP) role is to serve the community and represent them in Parliament, ensuring their voice is heard.

See below for a breakdown of the roles of Local, State and Federal Government.

Electorate Services

What Stuart can do for you

Serving the state electorate of Penrith and it’s many, diverse communities is my top priority.

Represent You

Represent you in parliament.

Connect You

Put you in touch with a service that can help you.

Lobby For You

Lobby for more resources for your group or community.

Take your concerns

Directly to the appropriate Minister or Department to get a response.

Advise You

Advise you of your rights & further action you may care to take.

Work With You

To achieve positive outcomes & to make democracy work for us all.

Electorate Services

Map of the Penrith Electorate and List of Suburbs

Localities - effective 25 march 2023

  • Cambridge Gardens
  • Cambridge Park
  • Castlereagh
  • Cranebrook
  • Emu Heights
  • Emu Plains
  • Jamisontown
  • Kingswood
  • Leonay
  • Penrith
  • South Penrith
  • Werrington Downs


  • 2747, 2749, 2750

Electorate Services

Understanding the different levels of Government and their responsibilities

Federal Member of Parliament

Federal Member of Parliament

Federal Member for Lindsay

Aged care


Aviation and shipping

National Highways



Child Support




Foreign Affairs

Veterans’ Affairs

University Education


State Member of Parliament

Stuart Ayres (MP)

State Member for Penrith

Ageing and Disability

Local Government

Attorney General

National Parks

Community Services

Main Roads

Primary, Secondary Education & TAFE


Emergency Services

Primary Industries

Fair Trading

Public Housing

Health, dental and public hospitals

Public Works

Industrial Relations


Land and water management

Penrith City Council

Penrith City Council

Mayor of Penrith City Council

Animal Control

Rubbish Collection

Council By-laws



Sporting Fields

Local Roads

Street Lighting


Neighbour Disputes


Meet Stuart

Greatest Achievements

Since being elected we have delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local community groups. 

Stuart Ayres - Member for Penrith

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